Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pod to the Cast for Gamers of the Forked Numero Five

Episode 5. Here it is. Please enjoy our ramblings on various different subjects, as we cover ps3 slim and 360 price cut. We also discuss subjects such as Fable,, and various demos. As always we offer up our opinions on things you know and maybe some you don't.


Additional notes from AB8WN:
Blizzard: No Diablo 3 Release for 2010

Why The PS3 Slim Has No Backwards Compatibility

CCP Games reveals new EVE Online console MMO: DUST 514

Snes on an Xbox360

Some info on Eve corporate espionage

I was wrong about the Gates:

Fable II is not on the new streaming. It's actually Fable I.

Never mentioned other Sony news. We'll bring up Free Realms on next cast.

I've had my xbox 4 months.

Aliens for the Commodore 64