Friday, July 24, 2009

Forked Road Gamers Podcast #3

Three times the complaining, three times the profanity, three times the professionalism??? In our third episode we start finding our identity as we realize that I can't not swear. Also we stumble upon our formula of, well, mainly just complaining. Our shift from family oriented to explicit is going to make it easier on everyone. In this show we talk a variety of subjects from streaming games, to left 4 dead 2 and the controversy that is still, for some reason, raging over it. This time around we are going to give links in our show notes, and sense there are so many I figure I will skip most of the intro and just let you listen to the cast and surf the sites. So have fun and please be responsible.

l4d level previews

And here is the company that does game streaming:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Forked Road Gamers Podcast Two

In the highly anticipated sequel to the first Forked Road Gamers podcast the guys sit back and enjoy a game of baseball as they chat about there gaming past.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Forked Road Gamers Podcast One

In this, the first episode of the Forked Road Gamers pod cast, our intrepid heroes give there opinions on several different game related topics. Starting off with a little banter over a demo for the Bigs 2, followed by a few words on the games Serious Sam and Mario Galaxy 2. As we progress further into our lengthy speech, our dynamic duo slips a little further into the insanity of the moment, there is discussion over id software being bought, and finally a little complaining about advertising.

With this being our first cast we ask you, the amazingly awesome, intelligent, hard working and beautiful people, to give us some feedback if you would, ya know, want to. Also, feel free to post some questions here as comments to this post or email us at:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome to our little podcast

Hello to everyone who has graciously stumbled on, ran to and otherwise made it to the FRG Podcast page extravaganza! Well, truth be told, not so extravagant and more like some words we wrote to put up that may or may not be interesting.

To give a little bit of intro I will now pirate some words directly from our description:

We are a couple gamers that, for one forgotten reason or another, decided to share our brilliantly insightful insight into the world of gaming. We will mainly be discussing things that tickle our fancy or any other bright shiny game that catches our eye.

We will mainly be focusing on xbox 360, wii and pc games (because well, no ps3s for us). We may seem to wander at times to the ol’ 8-bit Nintendo to the SNES, original Xbox and may even hit some of those wonderfully old dos games and maybe even some Atari 2600 games! It’s possible, though unlikely, that we’ll go back even further to cave man days when games were done with rocks.

So there ya have it. What it is, though, is still up for debate. Maybe it's a kitten or even some used silly putty.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, "So where is the audio to this supposed podcast?" Well, the voices in my head have reported to me that the first episode has been recorded, quickly thrown in the garbage, taken out, cleaned off, edited a bit and is currently waiting on some final edits and something about notes getting written up. To summarize, it's a comin' really soon*. So thanks for stopping by and check back often (if you signed up for the rss feed your probably checking every five minutes which nicely pads our stats) for (imagine an announcer voice for an action cartoon saying this next part) the first episode of Forked Road Gamers podcast episode one!

*This podcast is not responsible for any damages occurred for the misrepresentation or misinformed use of the word soon to include anything up to and including a few days and possibly a ten to eighty day waiting period inside a ten foot by ten foot guarded room.