Friday, July 24, 2009

Forked Road Gamers Podcast #3

Three times the complaining, three times the profanity, three times the professionalism??? In our third episode we start finding our identity as we realize that I can't not swear. Also we stumble upon our formula of, well, mainly just complaining. Our shift from family oriented to explicit is going to make it easier on everyone. In this show we talk a variety of subjects from streaming games, to left 4 dead 2 and the controversy that is still, for some reason, raging over it. This time around we are going to give links in our show notes, and sense there are so many I figure I will skip most of the intro and just let you listen to the cast and surf the sites. So have fun and please be responsible.

l4d level previews

And here is the company that does game streaming:

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