Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome to our little podcast

Hello to everyone who has graciously stumbled on, ran to and otherwise made it to the FRG Podcast page extravaganza! Well, truth be told, not so extravagant and more like some words we wrote to put up that may or may not be interesting.

To give a little bit of intro I will now pirate some words directly from our description:

We are a couple gamers that, for one forgotten reason or another, decided to share our brilliantly insightful insight into the world of gaming. We will mainly be discussing things that tickle our fancy or any other bright shiny game that catches our eye.

We will mainly be focusing on xbox 360, wii and pc games (because well, no ps3s for us). We may seem to wander at times to the ol’ 8-bit Nintendo to the SNES, original Xbox and may even hit some of those wonderfully old dos games and maybe even some Atari 2600 games! It’s possible, though unlikely, that we’ll go back even further to cave man days when games were done with rocks.

So there ya have it. What it is, though, is still up for debate. Maybe it's a kitten or even some used silly putty.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, "So where is the audio to this supposed podcast?" Well, the voices in my head have reported to me that the first episode has been recorded, quickly thrown in the garbage, taken out, cleaned off, edited a bit and is currently waiting on some final edits and something about notes getting written up. To summarize, it's a comin' really soon*. So thanks for stopping by and check back often (if you signed up for the rss feed your probably checking every five minutes which nicely pads our stats) for (imagine an announcer voice for an action cartoon saying this next part) the first episode of Forked Road Gamers podcast episode one!

*This podcast is not responsible for any damages occurred for the misrepresentation or misinformed use of the word soon to include anything up to and including a few days and possibly a ten to eighty day waiting period inside a ten foot by ten foot guarded room.

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