Monday, September 7, 2009

Forkerd Road Gamers Podcatst #6: Banhammin'

In this the sixth episode of our little podcast we talk about the dropping of the ban hammer.Several topics come up  including a few that relate to people being banned, whether it be just taking away some extra content or even
banning a person for life. Many exciting topics are sprinkled throughout this podcast so please enjoy and send all  your feed back to

PSPgo battery not removable for piracy protection

Independent Study Suggests 360 RRoD Problems Dwindling

IGN: Gears of War Gets 'Imulsion' Energy Drink

Nielsen: Casual Gamers Play Less, Come Back Often

Halo 3: ODST Banhammer Operational

Weekly Analysis - PS3 Sales Double in America

VE3D Video for Serious Sam HD (PC) - Supermercial!

OnLive goes OnBeta, wants you to help by playing games

Valve removing items from idilers

All points bulliten Customization

ODST leaked in France

ODST Released early in France

Microsoft holding Champions back

Xbox 360 with 250GB HDD and Forza 3 spotted on Amazon Germany

Headbang Hero

Nintendo football

Free Realms

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